Store Hours:

10am to 10pm
Monday – Sunday

Store Hours

10am to 10pm
Monday – Sunday


Due to the shortage of materials and labor, the online delivery service will only be delivered on Wednesday from January 9, 2023, and the online ordering service will be opened every Tuesday and Wednesday

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  • Lily Root / Lotus Root
    Lily Root/ Lotus Root/ 蓮藕 / lián-ǒu Lily Root (or Lotus Root), is a very popular ingredient in asian cuisine, though it may seem intimidating to those of us…
  • Japanese Mayonaise
    Much like tempura, souffle cheesecake, and lolita fashion, Mayonaise is a western import to japan that has been wholeheartedly adopted, improved, and taken on a whole new life of…
  • Yu Choy
    Yu Choy/ 油菜 / Choy Sum/ Cai Xin/ Chinese Flowering Cabbage The name Yu Choy literally translates “oil vegetable”, which makes sense. If you see something green and leafy…
  • Luncheon meat
  • Japanese Curry

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