Japanese Mayonaise

Kewpie Mayonnaise

Much like tempura, souffle cheesecake, and lolita fashion, Mayonaise is a western import to japan that has been wholeheartedly adopted, improved, and taken on a whole new life of it’s own. The difference between Japanese style and Western Style mayonaise is very simple. Japanese style mayonaise is richer due to using egg yolks rather than the whole egg, and that magical ingredient that makes humans fall in love. Sugar. And MSG.
Yes, Kewpie Mayonaise is richer and sweeter than it’s american cousin, in part, because of the addition of that lovely chemical that gives things that lovely umami flavor we all go crazy for. If the thought of MSG is still scary to you, don’t worry, the Kewpie Mayo sent to the American market is made more savory by the addition of nutritional yeast to replicate the flavor.

The tangy-sweetness of Japanese Mayo makes it ideal for things like potato salad, sushi dipping sauces, and much more! Take a look at these recipes for some inspiration!