Chinese Napa Cabbage

Chinese Napa Cabbage / 大白菜 /  Siu Choy / dàbáicài

The Big White Vegetable originated near Beijing sometime before the 15th century, and has become a major staple across all of asia. This versatile vegetable is used in everything from soups to stir fries, for “lettuce” wraps, as the basis of Korean Kimchi, as a key ingredient in hot pot, and so much more! Napa cabbage has a long cultural heritage, often popping up as a symbol througout history in the form of glass and jade figures holding places of prominence within royal palaces and museums alike.

Fresh Napa Cabbage is has crinkly, crunchy, light-green leaves with pale white stems, with the outermost leaves being tougher and better suited for soups and the crunchy pale hearts are excellent for stir fry. Check out the recipes bellow!